Southern Lights Lamp Co is an modern, edgy  company specialising in the design of bespoke industrial style lights.  All pieces are hand made with a high attention to detail and excellent workmanship.

Husband & Wife duo Rudi & Este Franz have never been happy with your average, run-of-the-mill furniture or lighting options available to the South African public. When they were planning their holiday home in Cannon Rocks, Eastern Cape they decided to go simple yet edgy!

Most lighting or furniture pieces that suited their taste were imported, so they thought “hey, lets just design our own cool electric art & lights as well as industrial style furniture made from copper pipe & plumbing pipe fittings!  Thus, Southern Lights Lamp Co was born.

Rudi with his plumbing and electrical background of 11 years and furious talent to create cool pieces has been the back bone of this business. Rudi is excellent with designing a light out of any vintage fitting or seeing  an old gauge or sprocket and designing around that found treasure. Rudi loves anything steampunk…he is actually a bit obsessed.  Rudi says that lighting to him is the most important aspect of interior design.  It transforms an otherwise boring space into a functional area with the desired atmospheric effect.  Without Rudi’s able hands there would not be an amazing company like this one.

Este’s passion for photography, studied at Stellenbosch and styling has been pivotal in making this business visually beautiful to the beholder and prospective client. “ Lighting to her is a fundamental aspect in interior architecture as it gives any room an ambience. Light is life.”  I am fascinated how a lamp or a piece of furniture or art can give a room an amazing focus point. We strive to make conversation pieces. You should always have something in your house or business that catches peoples attention right away. Its fun, its quirky. It also brings out your personality. Este is also a whizz at social media marketing so go follow her immediately on Insta & Facebook.

Apart from creating & designing they have three sons that rule their life and they love rearing these wonderful, creative spirits.